Red Dahlia Revue, 2016 – October 21, 2016, The Zeiders American Dream Theater

The Red Dahlia Revue returns for its’ second month bringing you a Halloween-themed burlesque and cabaret experience! Hosted by Shimmies Galore

Featured performers:

Melody Magpie (Richmond) – burlesque
JiLahna (VA Beach) – bellydance
Scarlet Starlet (Richmond) – burlesque
Joulehoop (VA Beach) – flow arts
Sally Stardust (Richmond) – burlesque
Gypsy (VA Beach) – cabaret
K.Lovee (Richmond) – cabaret
Dixie Dumplin’ (Norfolk) – burlesque

photos by Robert Escue

Red Dahlia Revue, 2016 – September 24, 2016, The Zeiders American Dream Theater

A new revue-style showcase in Virginia Beach Town Center! Featuring local and out-of-town performers of burlesque, flow arts, comedy, and belly dance! Hosted by Dixie Dumplin(Norfolk) and Adelle Gresock(DC).


Murphy Lawless (Richmond) – burlesque, comedy
Durrah (Hampton Roads) – belly dance
Scarlet Starlet (Richmond) – burlesque
Sally Stardust (Richmond) – burlesque
Elsie Nouveau (Hampton Roads) – burlesque
Luna DeMuse (Hampton Roads) – burlesque
Raevyn (Hampton Roads) – belly dance
Dahlia Kennedy (Hampton Roads) – burlesque

Pre-show Flow Artists:
Scarlet Starlet
Hulakitty (Hampton Roads)
Esmeralda (Hampton Roads)
Sally Stardust

photos by McLarty Photo

Embodiment: A Late-Night Burlesque Revue, 2016

April 30th, 2016


May 7th, 2016


May 14th, 2016


To complement the run of the play “Body Awareness” at Richmond Triangle Players, Dixie Dumplin’ will be hosting and producing the 3-part series entitled Embodiment. Our goal is to celebrate empowerment, individuality, sexuality, and the female form!

When: Saturday April 30th at 10:30pm, Saturday May 7th at 10:30pm, and Saturday May 14th at 10:30pm

Where: Richmond Triangle Players, 1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond VA 23230

Cast & Crew: Ellie Quinn, Melody Magpie, Cate Hysteria, Sally Stardust, Lillienne L’Oiseau, Mina Corbeau, K.Lovee, Hunnie Potts, Deepa de Jour, Penny Pandora, Venessa Chevelle, Scarlet Starlet, Glittery Assettes, Pixxe, Margaret York, Andrew Boniwell, Eric Koucheravy, and Ray Bullock.

Spring Fling: A Scintillating Burlesque Showcase!, 2016

Spring fling Burlesque

The premiere show brought to you by Red Dahlia Productions, showcasing talent from Richmond, Norfolk, and DC! Join us in Scott’s Addition at an Easter Sunday matinee, featuring music, burlesque, comedy, and aerial pole arts.

When: Sunday, March 27th at 2:00pm

Where: Richmond Triangle Players, 1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond VA 23230

Cast & Crew: Penny Pandora, Dixie Dumplin’, Ray Bullock, Sally Forth, Sister Rachel, Saffron Soleil, Zadora Zaftig, Scarlet Starlet, Yvahn Marette, Adelle Gresock, Murphy Lawless, Jenna Mannix, and Margaret York. Poster by Dylan Mott.